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CMC System (Certified Management Consultant Qualifaction) 2007

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CMC® association is the certifying body and professional association for management and consulting fields in the worldwide. The CMC® association mission is to promote professional and ethics in management and consulting through certification, education training, and industry resources.

CMC® association is an international membership organization and a network for the management professional and management consultants in the world. All the members have the same purpose and share the same value and goals.

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Welcome to International Consulting Association, The Global professional association is headquartered in the UK and is a NGO organization which served for the consulting Industry and consulting association in the worldwide.

International Consulting Association is an international membership organization and a network of the consulting associations, who have a common purpose and shared values and goals.


As leader of the CMC's Dealing with the consulting industry, the CMC® has launched a new report, Getting more from the same, addressing how manager could increase levels by up to a fifth.

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International Consulting Association members now represent more than 10,000 consultancy practices, of all sizes.

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The US and UK consulting market is the largest outside with a current value of around £8bn and is helping to deliver some of the most innovative and ambitious organisational change projects in the world.

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The 2018/09 version of the CMC®/CMC® careers guide is now available in hard copy. you can request your copy to learn more about consulting.


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